Youths need vocational training for a prosperous future

  • I support Vocational Schooling

    I've been researching vocational schooling for an essay in my English class, and i fully agree. Students who graduate from a vocational school graduate with not only a high school diploma, but also an immediate opportunity to make income which is an essential point if we look to see them to go into a college in the near future. This is also essential when you look at how life changes. If a child grows up, studies at a vocational school say for auto engineering, but later switches to the field of business, then in the future this student will know how to fix their car if they break down in any scenario. Lastly,non vocational schools are useless. Think, if someone wants to major in the field of technology, why waste so much time on English and history? Or a physics major in English and history, or politics in math and science. We waste time on these subjects that could be better spent learning things that may be essential to their future like how to pay bills or get a mortgage or loan.

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