YouTube Space: Should YouTube "stars" be given a free production space?

  • YouTube should invest in its "stars"

    I believe that YouTube should provide free production space for "stars" because the company makes money from channels that people enjoy viewing, and it should take up some of the burden of producing the content that its viewers enjoy by investing in its "stars". Providing free production space will encourage new talent and result in better quality 'shows", which would help increase revenue.

  • YouTube Stars To Pay For Own Workspace

    I believe that YouTube stars are a self made phenomenon in our current culture and that they should still have to work as a self made star even after they become successful. They are their own brand and their own company. If they work underneath only one company and are actually employed by that company (not contracted), then they can qualify for a workspace paid for by that company. I think that YouTube already shells out a lot of money to these YouTube stars and they can keep working as a self made entrepreneur in the future.

  • No real need

    If someone is capable of getting revenue or even famous off of Youtube, that is truly fantastic for them; however, Youtube is under no obligation to help these people create their product. If Youtube stars want production space, they can fund or create it themselves. If a free production space was created, what would restrict who got to use it fairly?

  • No, YouTube "stars" or sensations should not be given free production space

    YouTube subscribers who have multiple followers should not be given a free space for production in order to continue their channel. The YouTube world has gotten blown out of proportion, giving young children the idea that they can become a sensation overnight merely by putting their life on video for thousands to see (provided they accept the rules of allowing ads to show on their page, by which they can earn money). Giving these people a free space to create a channel only furthers the idea that anyone can become a "star" if they put their life on video, even if only for a short period of time. They should learn what hard work is like just like any other famous star.

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