Youtube's future: Will Youtube continue to dominate the online media landscape?

  • You Tube is awesome.

    You tube made invasion, that was possible to see. I like it, and I preffer it. You can watch movies, you can educate yourself and give comments sometimes. You can change someone opinion, and it is available evrywhere. They are making too much money too. I hope they help to other people.

  • It is common.

    YouTube has become the common name for online videos. This is much like Scotch Tape is the common name for adhesive tape. YouTube has a loyal base that other websites have not been able to compete with. For this reason, they will continue to dominate. They have solid brand recognition and loyal users.

  • Yes, YouTube will continue to dominate the online media landscape.

    Yes, YouTube will continue to dominate the online media landscape. YouTube provides a democratic platform for people to share videos containing music, instructions, opinions, and content from many other areas. The ease at which this platform is used will also ensure that it remains a dominant force in the online media landscape.

  • It just keeps growing

    YouTube is highly successful, and has just grown over the years. One of the main reasons for the success is that it is free to use. People can hop on and search for endless varieties of videos without having to pay a dime. In addition, there are people making massive amounts of money making some of these videos. YouTube isn't going away.

  • Youtube's domination will not go on forwever

    Youtube will continue to dominate the media landscape for the foreseeable future. However, that domination will come to an end. When that end will come is uncertain. Nothing is forever and that adage is more true in the electronic media market than anything else. At some point, some new platform will become more popular and that will begin the end of Youtube's reign.

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