Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository: Does Yucca and nuclear help reduce foreign oil dependencies?

  • Alternative Energy is alternative.

    Developing nuclear energy will undoubtedly reduce foreign energy dependencies. Yucca was not using much Oil for massive energy production, so the impact of that will not be extremely significant. It will provide some reduction as infrastructure provides more grid power opportunities which may provide fewer gas powered generators, but the impact beyond that is almost non-existant.

  • Nuclear Reduces Oil Comsumption

    As things progress in the future, it will become evident that the use of nuclear power reduces oil dependency. Since a lot of the oil we use is for vehicles and the process of making gasoline, this will change as we move towards more electronic and battery operated cars. Then we can fuel our cars energy with nuclear energy, thus changing the need for oil immensely.

  • Domestic Electricity Fuels Electric Vehicles

    Nuclear power helps fuel electric vehicles which reduces our dependence upon foreign sources of oil. Whenever electric vehicles go mainstream and become cheaper in the next 20 years, nuclear power will help reduce our dependence upon Middle Eastern oil even more. In that time, America will become a net exporter of oil and put countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran out of business.

  • It's not a matter of yes, or no, but of how much

    Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is working. The goal is to achieve the same levels of nuclear waste management that the Europeans have achieved. The Europeans are much more serious about managing the planet than us Americans. We should look "east" of us to find out what do with Nuclear waste.

  • Yes, it is clean enery.

    Yes, the Yucca mountain nuclear waste repository helps reduce foreign oil dependencies, because for every bit more of domestic energy we use, we use less foreign oil. America has the capacity to not use any foreign energy at all. Politicians just choose for that not to happen. At least the Yucca mountain nuclear waste repository is one tiny little slice of self-sufficiency.

  • Domestic Nuclear helps, but waste is still bad

    Domestic nuclear plants help reduce dependence on foreign oil, which can in turn contribute to greater domestic security and less complicated international alliances. Nuclear waste is extremely hazardous, and because we don't have any means of neutralizing it, it is stored in facilities like the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. These repositories help mitigate the hazards of nuclear waste, but they don't represent a permanent solution to the hazards of the waste. Nuclear is a great solution to petroleum-based energy, but further research into safe disposal is still needed.

  • Utilizing Nuclear Waste to Reduce US Oil Dependency At What Cost?

    It is possible that Yucca Mountain nuclear repository can be a boon to the US if used in the future for nuclear power to replace our nation's dependency on foreign oil? How much money is it costing us now to store this waste? Is it safe to have so much nuclear waste stored there? These are some of the questions that put a damper on the Yucca Mountain reducing our dependence on the Middle East. Nuclear power plants in this country do currently provide clean and safe energy. But there is always the shadow of Three Mile Island, the day we nearly lost Detroit, and stories of nuclear power plant on Long Island that sits on a geological fault. If Yucca Mountain is going to pay off in the long run, one of the most important issues to be addressed is safety. The money going into building it and the need to avoid a nuclear accidents make me less than enthusiastic about this endeavor.

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