Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository: Is "permanent" underground nuclear waste repository a must for nuclear energy utilization?

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  • A permenant underground nuclear waste repository is not a must for nuclear energy utilization since future technology may allow the waste to be used as well.

    Nuclear waste is still radioactive, although less-so and not as manageable currently than the current processes it is produced as a by product of, but permanently locking it into a place such as the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is a waste, considering in the future we may be able to utilize the waste for more productive things.

  • Underground Nuclear Waste Saturate the Enviroment

    Underground Nuclear Waste, no matter how deep, unless in a natural coal deposit, will saturate the environment. We are leaving our waste or social poop if you will, for our children to harvest. Saturation in a high saline solution is another alternative, or making more use of green energy
    technologies would probably go a long way in taking care of the amount of nuclear waste that is generated annually.

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