Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository: Is storing nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain tolerably safe?

  • As far as safe methods of removal, Yucca Mountain is safe enough

    Whenever disposing of nuclear waste, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository is just as safe as other locations. Understandably, many Nevada citizens are concerned to have nuclear waste stored on their land when they do not create any nuclear waste, but it is still a safe place to store the materials.

  • Yucca mountain may be is good as it gets

    Disposing of nuclear waste for the long term is a dangerous and serious proposition. No one wants the honor of having all the nations nuclear waste in their back yard. No place it could be stored is totally safe. The Earth is an ever changing world. An earthquake, or flood could have serious repercussions. I think the alternatives are worse, however. Leaving nuclear waste on sites, just creates the potential for many disasters in more densely populated regions. The Mojave desert is about the best we can do in America, to store all of our waste, long term. We have already produced it, and it needs somewhere to go!

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