Zac Efron attack: Should the illegal exploits of celebrities receive so much publicity?

  • Exploites by celebrities will always receive publicity.

    Exploits by celebrities will always receive publicity, because celebrities are always going to be in the spotlight. And, since celebrities are always going to be in the spotlight, they are always going to receive publicity for whatever they do, especially if it is in public. Nothing is private for a celebrity.

  • The public must learn what is right and wrong.

    By publicising what celebrities do, especially when against the law, the public can learn a great deal on what they should not do. Therefore, it is an effective and cost-effective way of publicising good citizenship and making many communities a better place to live in. The impact is also greater, as celebrities can be seen as role models.

  • No, they are people too and deserve the same respect for privacy.

    In my opinion, celebrities are people too. They are the same as you, your neighbor, and the grocery store cashier in your town. Just because they appear in movies, produce music, are rich, or are famous for other reasons, that does not mean that their private business should be publicized and exploited. Do you want a parking violation you received ten years ago publicized? What about that time you you broke up with your significant other? Do you want that publicized? No. So why infringe upon someone else's privacy when we do not want our privacy infringed upon? Treat others as you would have them treat you. Respect is respect, no matter who the person is.

  • Celebrities Aren't News

    I don't find entertainment news important at all. I rarely read such articles unless I'm extremely board. Actors simply work in the entertainment industry. I do not believe their exploits are real news and they certainly aren't important to me or the majority of the world. I think we would be much better off if the media just backed off of these people.

  • No, keep celebrity exploits out of the public eye

    I disagree that the illegal exploits of celebrities recieve publicity, because you will always have easily influenced people who will want to imitate them, because they idolise them so much. I remember when I was a lot younger and a celebrity I liked did drugs, and wanting to try the same because if they thought it was okay, then I wanted to be like them. If we don't give the things that they do attention, then people will be less likely to do it themselves.

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