• We should shop at Zara's for Black Friday.

    I don't know where Zara's is or what they sell but people should support any and all stores that they want on Black Friday. It will help support a local business and the local economy. Besides I'm sure there are some good deals at this store that people can take advantage of.

  • Yes, people who want specific discounts should shop at Zara on Black Friday.

    People who appreciate what Zara has to offer on Black Friday should shop on Black Friday. Otherwise, no. They could shop on Cyber Monday and receive up to 50 percent off on select items. Fifty percent discounts are sometimes unheard of anymore. Zara seems to be generous in its offerings.

  • They have good deals.

    Lots of stores offer good deals on Black Friday, Zara included. Retailers know that on Black Friday, people are actually willing and eager to plunk down their money. At the same time, they know that people are out looking for deals. Zara's knows this and they decided to put some real great deals out there for Black Friday.

  • No, saving a few dollars does not outweigh negatives

    No, people should not shop at Zara's on Black Friday. The long lines, stress, and lack of customer service outweighs the benefits of saving a few dollars. The long lines and big crowds will approximately double your shopping time. If you were to translate that extra time spent shopping into a dollar figure, the savings would be similar to shopping during a regular sale (e.g. 30 extra minutes of time shopping on Black Friday = $20, the black Friday sale in comparison to a regular sale saves you $20). When you take into account the lack of customer service and inevitable stress caused by Black Friday, it is clear that customers should wait until Zara's next sale.

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