Zara's launch of Black Friday deals: Do you plan to shop on Black Friday?

  • There are deals.

    I plan to shop on Black Friday because there are a lot of things I look forward to buying that go on sale. I want to buy a new Coach Purse. I haven't bought one in 15 years. I also plan to buy some other things from Kohls that I need for my house. I'll get a good deal.

  • Black Friday has been far too commercialized.

    I do not plan to shop on Black Friday this year. What used to be a unique, once-a-year, one day event has become an overly commercialized, week-long opportunity for businesses to sell products at a discount. There are far too many crowds and far too much hype created over Black Friday.

  • No, I don`t.

    I just don't get it.Also because of the greedy, simple minded cretins this appeals to. So that people with small amounts of sense can ignore all-year-round bargains, and spend their money on something that may not be properly discount, and buy a load of stuff they don't need in a rush of misplaced greediness. Simple!

  • No, I don't do Black Friday.

    I won’t be shopping on Black Friday or afterwards, no. I did get to see some of the excitement at Walmart when I went there to gt some food, however. They were preparing for the 6 p.m. rush. They had “murder scene tape” everywhere and department store police all around. I thought it was an entertaining sight.

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