Zendaya Coleman leaves Aaliyah Lifetime Biopic: Should a parent name their child Zendaya?

  • Yes, Zendaya is an acceptable name for a child.

    Zendaya is a fine name for a child and a parent should be able to name their child as they see fit. If a child's name is obscene or insulting an exception can be made, but in the absence of such an issue it should be a parent's right to name their child whatever they want to name him or her.

  • Yes, a parent should give their child a name that is important to them.

    A parent should have the ability to give their child a name that is special to them or that is culturally significant to the family. While it is true that not everyone will agree with the name choice, it would be a limitation of freedom to deny the parents their right to name their child.

  • A parent should name their child whatever they choose.

    Regardless of what celebrity or public figure a name is attached to, a parent should name their child what they choose. Zendaya Coleman leaving a biopic film has nothing to do with an individual choosing that name for their child. Whether or not a celebrity is in good standing with the public should not have any bearing on what a person names their child.

  • Names are a parents's choice

    Names can be chosen for family reasons or aesthetic ones.The name Zendaya means "to give thanks", which is a pretty nice thing. Names are subjective, and can be given for many reasons, but choosing one that reminds us of gratitude has good connotations. So if a parent wants to name her child Zendaya; go for it.

  • Maybe again in a few decades...

    The point of giving a child a beautiful and distinctive name is totally ruined, every season, by the scores of parents copying the artisan name that some thoughtful parents carefully chose, because the child lived up to the handle, and became admirable and distinctive as a person as well. If you truly want to inspire your own child, due to your admiration of the name's famous owner, copy the care with which their parents chose the name, not the name itself-the action, not the result.
    It is always risky to pick an uncommon or unique name for your child; so often, it goes so horribly wrong, usually due to lack of thought and deliberation on the part of the parents, (or a rash decision before the epidural wears off...) Why compound the risk, and throw a match onto what already is not being considered to the appropriate degree?
    In a few years, Zendaya will either faded into the ranks of mature seasoned actors, no longer subject to the scrutiny that an ingénue or child-star is subject to when they rise from the ranks or new pretty faces, and cute kids...She will have owned the mononym so thoroughly, that naming a child after her will be an appropriate inspiration, like when you dust off a no longer common name to remind the child of a strong role model, or else their will be so many young imitators that the name will have lost its association spawned by it being distinctive. Either way, it will be a decent name; right now, it will be much to popular and new...Avoid saddling your kid with a name that everyone of your generation is having the same thoughts about.
    There is a one Zendaya limit for our culture for the next decade...If you must name your little baby after Miss Coleman, show some care and call the kid by some other part of Zendaya's name than the one word that everyone, literally everyone, knows Zendaya by; Maree-Stoermer is a distinct, memorable and lovely name that will subtly evoke whatever qualities of Zendaya you are trying to bring to mind, to those who ask.
    Let's not have another repeat of the slue of young girls named "Madonna," who've spent the start of the century listening to every older adult they meet hum, "Material Girl" upon their introduction. Time has shown that Madonna has finally become an acceptable name, but it was a miserable burden for everyone who wasn't M. Louise Ciccone for decades.
    Select another name, for this kid, their younger siblings or your grand kids can be another Zendaya and have the name be an inspiration, not a burdensome invitation to compare they to your inspiration.

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