Zero tolerance law: Does zero tolerance provide an effective deterrent against criminal acts?

  • Yes, safer for people

    Criminals should have zero tolerance because then criminals won't do bad things like killing and hurting people. It will make a safer community because everyone will know that no criminals can do bad things to them. If you aren't allowed to do any bad things, there will be basically nothing bad happening. Alcohol, drugs and murders won't be tolerated and that will make it much safer with nobody going drunk or crazy.

  • Zero tolerance is good.

    I think that the policy of zero tolerance is good. Zero tolerance is a deterrent for criminal acts
    because it lets criminals know that they won’t get away for their crimes. Criminals think twice when they know that
    they will get a heavy sentence or a mandatory minimum if they ever get caught.

  • Yes, punishments prevent crime.

    Yes, zero tolerance is an effective deterrent to crime, because people know exactly what the consequences will be before they act. If someone knows that they will be severely punished for their action, they will consider what they are about to do, and in some cases will change their mind and avoid committing a crime. Having clear penalties for actions makes it less likely that some people will engage in that behavior.

  • Students deserve to protect the selves.

    These days children are fruity and do not think properly so maybe giving them a weapon and some drugs is the option they will just piss it off and your life will be so much easier just go down the road and find your local drug dealer and he has the thing needed to keep your children a non murderer.

  • The students may be wrongly accused.

    In a zero tolerance situation, there is n room for explanation. The students are immediately accused and with harsh punishments. In areas with no security cameras to recall what really may have happened this can be especially crucial because they would then have to rely on eye witnesses, which at times can be bias.

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