Zero tolerance law: Is zero tolerance policing a good policy?

  • I Have No Tolerance For People Who Are Wrong

    If someone's opinion goes against the state, they must be punished for treason. The state is perfect, it is deserving of all respect. People who disrespect my country should be thrown in jail. I have no tolerance for people who hate my country, or speak negatively about our government. Unlike Americans, we Serbs have respect and discipline.

  • Zero Tolerance Policy

    A zero tolerance policy is a goal that is unobtainable. The zero tolerance policy is set in place so there will be a minimum occurrence of an offense but is not achievable. A zero tolerance policy is suggested but is not the perfect solution because the phrase is all inclusive.

  • No its not

    This is not a good policy because I live in Detroit and i have been stabbed twenty times and shot once and i need my knife and shotgun to protect myself. So now i got expelled twice because of my safety shotgun. This policy is endangering me and others. Help students like me.

  • Zero tolerance makes zero sense

    It has been proven that zero tolerance des more harm than good, punishing good kids while doing little to discourage bullies. People are different, and circumstances are different, and therefore their treatment needs to be different. For example, people with mental illness and first time offenders should receive lighter or no punishments.

  • No,zero tolerance policing is not a good policy

    Zero tolerance policing may tend not to be a good policy overall.This comes from the idea that every human is different so should be treated different.Someone may just need a little leeway to get their life back on track and the police can help this person get back on track.

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