Zika Virus in Texas: Should People Adapt their Travel Plans to avoid Infected areas?

  • Pregnant women should avoid these areas

    While the Ziza virus should not prevent most people from travelling as the symptoms of the virus are very mild, they can cause permanent damage to fetuses who can be affected with permanent brain damage if their mother contracts Ziza. Therefore, to be on the safe side, pregnant women should take every precaution to avoid becoming infected.

  • Some people should adapt their elective travel to Zika infected areas

    Zika seems to only be a significant concern for pregnant women and their partners. Therefore, elective and unnecessary trips should be avoided by those that are: pregnant; thinking about getting pregnant; and/or trying to get pregnant. The risk to the baby is not worth it. If the trip cannot be avoided, pregnant women or people trying to get pregnant should take extra precautions when traveling to a Zika prone area.

  • People should adapt thier travel plans to avoid Zika infected areas

    While individuals must continue living their lives, and can never truly be safe from every hazard, making informed decisions is a must. If individuals can, they should change their travel plans if they find that it would have involved a Zika infected area of the world. There is much we are still learning about the virus and it's affects. While one may feel this is not a threat to them because they are an adult, not planning on having children, there is no reason to needlessly expose oneself to a known danger. Traveling at a colder time of year to the same place, or choosing a different destination are both simple answers.

  • yes they should

    People should definitely adapt their travel plans to avoid infected areas of Texas. Why would you want to travel to somewhere that has a potentially life-threatening disease. That is just silly. If people avoid these places and concentrate on curing the disease, it will be irradicated quicker, and not spread around.

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