Zoo Keeper Helps Constipated Monkey Pass Peanut By Licking Its Butt For An Hour: Could the Caretaker have used something besides his tongue?

  • That is nasty

    It seems like this guy has never heard of a vet. Seriously, I just do not get people these days. Why would someone put their tongue to a monkey's butt. One of the many animals on this planet that do not wash themselves. I say he could've brought something with him when he found out.

    Posted by: TCW
  • That's just nasty

    No one can tell me there was no other way to get a peanut to pass from a monkey; and who volunteered for that job. Did he draw the short straw or was he being hazed. There is no explanation for this. It's not hygienic, not to mention the fact that there is a multitude of things he could have used to apply saliva or an ointment. He needs to be further investigated. There is something very wrong here.

  • Yes, there are multiple ways the zookeeper could have aided the monkey without endangering himself

    Yes, the caretaker could have used something besides himself. Licking a monkey's butt with your own tongue is highly dangerous. One could easily get sick and die from ingesting animal fecal matter. Not only could the caretaker have found something else to aid the monkey in defecating, he should have for his own safety. He could have used a damp cloth or paper towel and achieved the same result. Those same methods are used to assist motherless puppies and kittens learn how to pee and are quite effective. As there were other alternatives to help the monkey, there was absolutely no need for the caretaker to use his tongue.

  • Yes, this is nasty

    Why in the world would the zoo keeper use his tongue when there are lots of other methods of lubrication? Granted it was a tiny monkey, not a full grown one, and the zoo keeper wanted to mimic the natural way the animal would be helped by other monkeys in the wild, but still, it is unhygienic.

  • There had to be another way!

    There might be an expert that could make the argument this was the only way to remedy the problem but I have to believe something else could have fixed the issue. I suppose the Caretaker deserves a medal for being so committed to the well-being of his monkey but he probably could have used some type of over-the-counter lubrication to solve this dilemma.

  • Is this even a question?

    This zookeeper obviously has issues. The AIDs virus is spread by this way in literal textbook definition. When this zookeeper gets off the acid trip he obviously was on, he'll realize that putting his tongue in monkey anus, did not, in fact, taste like strawberry ice cream. Also, anyone this stupid deserves to get monkey AIDs. The zookeeper should now be forced to either marry this monkey because, and you know it's true, the monkey probably enjoyed it, and now it's feeling led on. This monkey whore zookeeper got in over his head not only with a mouthful of monkey fecies, but also in that, monkeys are perverts and he just performed a really weird sex act on a monkey. Now that monkey probably is going to call in the morning.

  • It's his tongue

    He tottally could have used something different for this but maybe he wasn't in arms reach of something. So he used what he had with him, more like on him if ya know what im sayin. Yeah you know what im sayin. I can't believe no one has said no

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