Zoo kills neglected cub: Should zoos have a right to kill, for any reason?

  • Only if it is more humane to kill the animal

    In the case of the healthy bear cub that was killed in Switzerland the zoo was clearly wrong for killing that cub. However, if an animal is severely injured or very sick and in pain and has no chance of getting better I am fine with a zoo putting down an animal for that reason.

  • With in reason

    I believe in Animal Rights, but I also hate to see animals suffer. IF given the option I would euthanize an animal if forcing it to live only meant pain and suffering for them. To meaninglessly kill an animal is horrible and cruel, but if it is in pain or has a disease that will kill it then ok I guess. It's sad of course, but you have to do what is best for them too.

  • Zoos can Kill for Mercy

    Zoos should only be allowed to kill an animal if it is to prevent the further suffering of the animal. If there is no way for an animal to get to a point of health and happiness, and its further existence will only be one of suffering, it is morally right to end its life.

  • Do your best to get the animal fit and fine again

    Hello?? (jst for the sake of understanding) would your parents consent to kill you if you were diagnosed with an in curable disease??? I dont think soo.... We talk about animal protection on one hand and on the other this happens...The zoo should use anything and everything to help the animal to become its normal self again (if its sick). If its not sick i dont see why u have to kill it...Either its too sick to get better and on the verge of dying or your jst too lazy to look after it

  • That is unfair.

    No, the zoos should not have a right to kill a cub that was neglected at the zoo. The zoo could leave the cub to the effects of nature, and let the parents of the cub neglect it until it dies. But to apply the human reasoning process and decide to kill the cub with human hands is going too far.

  • Only to genuinely prevent real suffering

    A neglected cub can be cared for more by the zookeepers to help the cub.

    This reminds me of that giraffe in Denmark, Marius. He could have just been neutered. At the very least they shouldn't make the euthanasia 'fun' by having kids around and chopping the animal up to feed to other animals. That creates a perverse incentive to decide "well looks like we'll have to euthanize". Euthanasia should be a hard decision, not fun.

  • A Zoo Should Do its Best to Protect

    If a Zoo does not have the resources to care for an animal, they should do everything in their power to find a place elsewhere for it. There have been too many cases recently of zoos destroying perfectly healthy animals for no good reason, more needs to be done to stop this. Every healthy animal deserves a chance.

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