Zoo says it will not fire keeper for punching kangaroo that grabbed his dog: Was the zoo keeper justified in doing so?

  • He had to protect the animal.

    Kangaroos are very strong. They are not the fluffy little animals that Americans portray in cartoons. If a kangaroo grabbed a dog, the dog would not be able to survive that without human intervention. The zoo keeper that punched the kangaroo likely had emotional ties to the dog and wanted to save his life. He is not at fault for that.

  • Yes, the Australian zookeeper acted rightfully when he punched a zookeeper that was holding his dog hostage.

    Yes, the Australian zookeeper acted rightfully when he punched a zookeeper that was holding his dog hostage. If he had not done so, the life of his dog could have been at risk. The pain that the kangaroo suffered from the punch likely pales in comparison to the harm the dog would have endured.

  • Yes, I think so.

    If something or someone is attacking my dog, it's going down, no if's, and's, or but's. I acknowledge and respect that a lot of Australian wildlife is protected, and with good reason, but my dog > kangaroo any day and every time. This isn't the same kind of thing as the Melissa Bachman deal. He didn't kill it for no good reason then plaster the internet with hideous pictures. He was saving his dog, and besides, it hardly seem to me that falcon punching one roof is going to do irreparable damage to troop (mob? Can't remember.) numbers. I don't get the people thinking he should have stood back and let his dog be hurt or killed.

  • It was cruel

    The dogs had attacked the kangaroo & it's mob. The alpha male kangaroo was only protecting his mob. The kangaroo had already let go of the dog before the man punched him. It was done in anger, was cruel, & he should not be allowed to work with animals ever.

  • No, a zoo keeper ought to refrain from any form of violence against animals.

    No, the zoo keeper was not justified in punching the kangaroo. While his impulse to protect his pet is understandable, the zoo keeper has a professional mandate to refrain from committing acts of violence against any animal whatsoever. Therefore, he ought to have responded with some measure of discipline guided by the ethical demands of his line of work.

  • No, I don't think so

    It is against the zoo keeper's duty and responsibility to hurt an animal in any way possible. Every animal, including dogs, has a way to protect themselves from enemies and danger. So, the dog could've protected himself and therefore didn't need the zoo keeper to help him by punching the kangaroo. A person who doesn't know how to treat animals with respect and mercy has no right to be a zookeeper.

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