Zoos: Are abusive zookeepers a good reason to ban zoos?

  • Yes they are cruel

    They are so mean tothe animals i cant stand watching videos and if you say no then that means you hate animals and support animal cruelty so say it is a good reason to ban zoos or else it would be a sjame to think abour people whi dont like animals

  • Zoos are cruel!!!

    Zoos are only there for money they don't give two craps about your entertainment. They abuse animals. THEY BEAT THEM UP!!!! And then they put them in cages for no reason whatsoever but to make money. You are just mean and cruel if you think it's fun to abuse animals. So h*** yeah they can ban zoos for that!

  • DIE Zoo's DIE

    Look at the big picture. The big picture of animals will have no choice. All day you're in a cage. No CHOICE! If you're an animal would you want to be in a prison. NO NO and NO! Also zookeepers harm the animals. Animals would rather be out hunting in the wild verses having the food be fed to them. They want to be FREE

  • Zoos should be banned

    Zoos should be banned because it hurts animals and makes them live in a tight unfriendly environment. Animals should be comfortable wherever they are. Would you like it if you were taken from your home and family to be on public displace for enjoyment. These animals are depressed and the people making them depressed and making money which makes them happy.

  • Yes ban zoos

    Animals get abused daily in zoos. People enjoy going to zoos to see the cute animals but they do not realize the treatment that they undergo while they are there. Zoo keepers are really hostile and do not take proper care of animals. Animals that live at the zoo should be out in the wild and not cooped up into a tiny living space.

  • Zoos Normalize Animal Cruelty

    There are plenty of ways to observe and study animals in the wild. Zookeepers don't just abuse animals because they're sadistic people, There is a systemic issue with keeping high concentrations of captured wild animals in a small land area with a high ratio of animals to caretakers. And there's no other way to run a zoo that works on the bottom line. Let zoos go extinct. There are other and better ways to learn about wildlife.

  • No it's not

    We as humans have left a permanent scar on the world, and so by banning zoos and forcing animals back into the wild equates to killing more animals through desolating their natural habitat! There are zoos with the last breeding pairs of different species, thus without zoos these species wouldn't even exist. Malpractice in zoos should be exterminated at the source by removing these abusive staff from the zoo's respective employ. Banning zoos as a whole because of misconduct? It would be murdering species we haven't already decimated.

  • No, they shouldn't ban zoos.

    Just because the zookeeper is abusive doesn't mean we should shut down the zoos. It means zoos should examine their zookeepers before they hire them and get rid of the abusive zookeepers. It is the own zoos fault if they have an abusive zookeeper. They need to get rid of the zookeepers who are cruel and abusive, and not ban the zoos.

  • Most Zookeepers Are Not Abusive

    I do not believe most zookeepers are abusive. Many people who decide to enter that field, do so because they love the animals so much. I believe insinuating that zookeepers are abusive or in some way cruel to the animals is a terrible way to combat zoos. Zoos provide a lot of benefits to the cities they are in, especially for children.

  • A good reason for other things

    Abusive zookeepers are not a good reason to ban zoos, if anything they are a good reason to maintain higher regulatory practices and standards at zoos. Zoos are not always ideal grounds for species, but they can help endangered species survive outside of habitats that have been destroyed by industrialized society.

  • No they aren't

    I do not think that abusive zoo keepers are a good reason to ban zoos because they are few and far between. I think that there are more good zoo keepers than bad ones, I think there should definitely be a harsh penalty for zoo keepers being abusive towards the animals they look after.

  • Abusive Zoo Keepers Are No Reason to Ban All Zoos

    No, abusive zookeepers are not a good reason to ban all zoos. While individual zoos may need to be shut down due to abusive zookeepers and practices, zoos in general provide a valuable tool to communities in educating the general populace about animals and creatures they may be otherwise ignorant about.

  • Just fire them.

    I can why this question is debatable; however, I don't think abusive zookeepers is a good enough reason to completely ban zoos, nor do I think it ever will be. All they need to get rid of the zookeepers and hire ones that are more respectful to the animals. Problem solved.

  • Are Zookeepers Abusive?

    No because the zookeepers let the animals roam free in a big wide open space. They give the animals free food and also groom till they shine like a star. The zookeepers let the animals play together and they also give them medicines and take care of them. They guard the animals at night so that they don't escape and start killing people.

  • No, The Bad Should Be Monitored And Punished

    No, abusive zookeepers are not a good reason to ban zoos. There will always be a few bad apples in any endeavor. There are dishonest car salesmen, and we don't ban cars. Zoos serve an important function by educating people about animals and biology, and by giving animals, often endangered, a safe place to live. Those who are abusive should be punished, but the good of having zoos outweighs the danger of abusive animals.

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