• Usually zoos are like prisons to animals.

    You can see many animals stray away from their normal instincts and just lay down all day or pull out their own hairs/feathers. Other behaviors are walking in circles or from side to side. The animals are bored out of their mind and don't know how to get rid of their energy and frustrations. They know something is off, But they are animals so they can't really grasp the consept that they aren't 'free'. Zoos are cruel in my opinion, And if an animal doesn't NEED to be there for health reasons are to save an endangered species, Then it needs to be free.

  • Zoos are Prisons to animals

    Zoos are captivity and entertainment centers where collections of wild animals are exhibited with the main aim of satisfying the curiosity of visitors. Captivity suppresses the natural instincts of these animals. Animals suffer permanent frustration because they have no freedom of choice and they can't behave the same way that they would in the wild.
    You might say that zoos help animals endanger but less than 10% of captive animals kept in zoos are endangered species.
    The abnormal behavior of animals is a negative factor for reintroduction in nature since it reduces the chances of survival. Captivity also causes depression in animals this is why you will never go to a zoo and see animals acting happy and running around and this is because the captivity causes depression in this animals

  • Zoos can be good

    I really hate zoos because i don't think looking at a bunch of weary animals in a pen is entertaining;however, Zoos can do a lot of good for animals. Zoos can provide a safe place for endangered species to thrive and reproduce and many help integrate animals back into the wild.

  • Zoos are definitely not like prisons to animals

    Zoos are wonderful places and no one should think they are anything like prisons. Zoos could help the animals if the species is in danger or has a disease. Zoos design the animals enclosures so that they feel at home and safe from other predators. Did you know that Zoos make 17. 2 million dollars a year and spend at least half of it on the animals to make they feel safe and feed them satisfactory level food. Zoos are not like prisons!

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