Zoos: Are zoos unnatural, and subsequently immoral?

  • They become like slaves

    Animals at a young age can be taken from their mothers in order to make a money deal. They are cramped into cages not meant for their natural behaviors. Often animals will develop psychological issues even self mutilation. Old age in zoos is much lower than in the wild like orcas whom can live up to about 15 years in captivity but 30 in the wild. They treat animals as if they do not feel-like slaves. Zoos are immoral because they do not take into consideration the comfort of the animal but only the wad in their wallets.

  • I think that zoos are unnatural and immoral.

    I think that zoos are unnatural and immoral. God did not create animals for them to be
    locked in cages. Animals are happiest
    when they are free to roam around and live in their natural environment. Why does PETA protest people who wear fur,
    but they don’t try to shut down all the zoos?

  • No because they re stopping animals from being hunted into extinction

    Having zoos is creating safety from the predators and if one species becomes extinct then the food chain will soon die out and there will be nothing on earth but trees and nature on animals or humans because everything will have died out and the human race will be over

  • Zoos Have Many Good Points

    I have to agree that zoos can be unnatural for animals and I think good zoos attempt to lessen the impact on animals as much as possible. Appropriate living environments can make all of the difference in the world. I do not find zoos to be immoral because of this. Despite it's draw back zoos can be very educational.

  • Zoos are designed for fun

    Even though I can see why certain people out there are not fans of the idea of zoos; however, I think the animals honestly understand why they are there. They don't feel like they are being prisoned or anything like that. They udnerstand that they are now being used as attractions.

  • No, they help animals.

    No, zoos are not immoral because they are unnatural, because they help animals survive. The zookeepers can study the animals while they are carine for them, and can help find way to help the animals live longer and healthier. Also, a zoo can keep certain species from going extinct. They also serve as educational platforms to inspire future biologists.

  • No, zoos may be unnatural but they are not immoral if done well.

    Most people would never know about wild animals or care enough to think about conservation and other animal welfare issues if they did not see them at zoos. So if a zoo is well crafted and gives the animals enough space to mimic their natural habitat, it can be a moral option.

  • Animals in zoos are taken care of very well

    Animals in zoos go back as far as 4000 years, since then we have made there lives in zoos much better. 4000 years ago the animals were kept in steel bar cages now the animals are put in areas that would represent their natural habitats. Now we have programs that are called captive breeding programs that help keep endangered species alive instead of capturing new the animals from the wild. One well known breeding program is the one that brought back deer from extinction. Some zoos take in abandon animals that would otherwise not have a home, for example the Detroit zoo takes in polar bears and the Bronx zoo took in leopards. I thank that nothing but good can come from having zoos.

  • I do not belive Zoos are immoral.

    Some animals are in Zoos for their own safety and preservation of the species. Many endangered animals are in Zoos to repopulate their society and hopefully at some point return to the wild. However this is not always the case and there are some Zoos that do unfortunately have no motive such as this and may mis treat animals.

  • Zoo also save endangered animals

    Not all zoos are unnatural and immoral. If the environment is right and the animals are properly cared for, they can live a natural life. Zoos also save animals that can no longer live in the wild and help prevent endangered breeds for becoming extinct. Zoos are also important for education and studying animals.

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