Zoos: Is 'animal research' a bad excuse for keeping animals in zoos?

  • Of course they'd hide the ugly side!

    Zoos are a business, And no matter how fulfilling and deep their vision/mission may be, They are powered by money, Just like every other business. It's not unusual for businesses to exploit the things they are proud of, And to hide the things they know will cause a decline in their sales. This is animal abuse! Zoos keep animals in confined spaces, Under unhealthy conditions, And risk the possibility of death! And for what? A minor breakthrough (at best) in a large field. To even get a life-changing discovery or study will take many more years of study, Entailing many more zoo animals, And many more abusive practices. Just imagine yourself in that. Animals are just like us, In the sense that they have the right to lead their own lives. Let them roam free!

  • Animal research should be done in the animal habitat

    When animals are in zoos they can not use their natural instincts like hunting, and interacting with other animals that would lived in their environment with. When they are in the zoos they are in different sections because they are different species or have different needs. The animals also need enough space to walk around and interact with the animals they would interact with. The biodome in montreal tries to do this where you can see the animals walking around and interacting with the other animals and have the real trees and plants and although this is great the animals are contained in a building and are very isolated. Some animals such as the water animals like the Penguins are isolated in a glass cage,the animals do not hunt they depend on humans to feed them. Animals should not need to be in a cage, instead of holding them in a cage we can now watch a documentary, research can be done on the internet or researchers can go to the animals habitat to conduct research.

  • In future what will be the change!

    When animals get an opportunity to take revenge on us, they will surely do it for keeping them in zoos! Sometimes we might not understand that the authorities write on the cages "DON'T TOUCH" Because animals might take revenge!Please let them live or make them be angry at you! PLEASE!

  • It's not. Right

    People spend quality time with families at zoos not some forensic lab housing animals. Animals need to be treated with the same respect that we treat ourselves with. We can respect man made things but we can not respect the natural and untamed things of our world.
    Labs are for scientists zoos are for animals

  • We Don't Need Excuses

    I believe animal research is a bad excuse for keeping animals in zoos. Zoos can either be a good or bad place for animals, depending on the level of care they receive and what their enclosures are like. I don't think we need excuses to keep our zoos open. They provide an educational purpose and many people find them to be a wholesome venue for entertainment as well.

  • Animals Should Roam Free

    Animals deserve to roam free in their natural habitats. Instead of zoos, researchers should be like Jane Goodall and observe animals in their own element. Likewise, if people want to see wild animals, they should try ecotourism or safaris. There are so many video sharing websites now such as YouTube and Vimeo, all one has to do is watch a video of animals in the wild instead of going to a zoo and know that we should preserve our ecosystems at all costs.

  • About Animal Research

    Animals should not be kept in zoos for the purpose of scientific research. There are scientific laboratories for that purpose. It is imperative that zoos are not used when the animals for research needs to be in scientifically designed laboratories. Zoos are family places and scientific laboratories are for scientists.

  • Better to research animal in natural habitat

    If you want the best research on an animal its best to leave them in their natural habitat rather than imprisoning them in a zoo or aquarium. Imagine someone trying to research human behavior by going to a major prison or jail. With modern technology its very easy to tag an animal and then monitor them which letting them live in their natural habitat.

  • Of course not!

    Endangered species die in ´the wild all the time. This is happening because some people do not approve zoos, and let the specie die out. Zoos keep endangered species like Bengal tiger (thats endangered for about 150 years now( for ages now, and nothing happend. Thats because they study on it, and beat all disseases before they spread out. Thats why i say no!

  • I Don't Really Think So

    Although I do believe that you would get the best results in the wild, if you have animals in the zoo and they catch a sickness, then the veterinarians can do tests and studies to see why the animal got it, how it happened, and how the problem can be fixed. I agree with both sides, though.

  • Animal research is why Zoos exist.

    I don't think that Zoos should be frowned upon for researching animals. That is the reason that the animals are there to begin with: education. Zoos help educate the public as well as help educate the folks that run the zoo, all of the scientific research that goes into it is important.

  • 'Animal research' is not a bad excuse for keeping animals in zoos.

    'Animal research' is not a bad excuse for keeping animals in zoos. I think it is important to find out as much about them as we can. I am not sure where else we would put them because they cannot live in the wild again. I think zoos have their purpose.

  • No it is not.

    Animal research is very valuable and it is not the only reason for having a zoo. Some zoos came together because the animal species was endangered or because they found that animal seriously injured and they are trying to rehabilitate them. So all in all zoos are not always that bad.

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