• Educational value Seeing/observing animals live-more effective

    I think that animals in zoo's should be safe from poachers and also be safe from natural enemies or predators.
    We also need to study that the animals can be free in the wild not in the ZOO. We need to study to communicate with animals, And children need to learn admit animals.

  • Animals will be die n it bad

    Animals wils be died and that's no good yes. Zoo keepers r niec tho n let u feed animols. Tlet them be thwmselves n play ps4 in tth ewild. People r mean like rally mean. DEATH TO ALL ZOOZ. Not de animles though they can lives. Zoos r edgy as fuccck. Nyan cat. Frogs. Turtles. Yea cause I like frogs n they like me.

  • Zoos provide a comfortable and safe environment for animals who cannot otherwise survive in the wild.

    If we were to abolish them, these animals would flounder and die, leading to mass extinction of animals that are only being sustained by the Zoo's that pro wants to abolish. Overall saying Pro on this position is ridiculous, since you would be on the side that wants to kill the animals that they want to protect.

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