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  • Yes, Zoos should be abolished

    As humans we’re all so selfish. We hunt animals and give them in cages, So that we can go and see them. And that is so wrong, Because like us, They also deserves to be free and have unlimited space, To live like they want to. With hunting, We’ re killing them. I don’ t say, That they are not treated well in zoos, But with all that pressure and people that don’t know how to behave, Animals are in stress and because of that, They may live less. They should absolutely abolished the zoos, And find a new way like to see them in their natural habitat or something like that. But with closing them in cages, That’ s not the right way.

  • Obviously they should be

    Zoos should be abolished, Because animals have to be free and live their lives as they do in the wild. They shouldn't be caged and used for the people's amusement and their needs.
    Also the animals' life cycle/pattern would be disturbed and when animals would be released into the wild, They wouldn't know how to protect/defend themselves and their hunting abilities would be disrupted as well and they can become an easier prey than before. If humans could live in freedom, So can the animals.

  • Zoos are lije prisons are to people

    Just like humans, Animales should be free to live in there natural habittat. The animales lose there natural way of thinking and they don't know how to hunt because they are fed and taken care of. Animales shouled be free to learn in the wild imagine that people were treated the same way as animales it would be a disgace and unthinkable why should animales be any diferente.

  • Zoos are not a natural habitat for the animals

    Animals neeed to live in a natural habitats because they were born to live in the wild. They need to learn how to take care of their selves, Because if they are living in zoos for such a long time and the zoos returned them in the wild they don't know how to take care of them selves.

  • Yes they should be abolished

    Zoos of course should be abolished. Keeping animals in cage is some sorf of torture. They should have a lot of space and they should be able to hunt their own food. We can keep the animals that are in the zoos because they've already lost sense for hunting and what is like to be free but we need to stop hunting other/new animals for zoo. Animals wouldn't go extinct if people woudn't involve into their lives and would live them alone and just observe from the distance. Literally we humans ruin everything from nature to animals that live there so maybe we must go extinct in order for animals to live in peace.

  • Zoos are not the right natural habitat

    Animals in the zoos should not be kept in cages because they don't have enough space for living and are not being able to live a normal life. They should be freed into the wild with the other animals where they would have the opportunity of living in a normal natural habitat

  • Fuck Zoos save animals

    Animals in captivity suffer from stress, Boredom, And confinement. Inter generational bonds are broken when individuals get sold or traded to other zoos, And no pen or even drive-through safari can compare to the freedom of the wild. Removing individuals from the wild will further endanger the wild population because the remaining individuals will be less genetically diverse and will have more difficulty finding mates. If zoos are teaching children anything, It's that imprisoning animals for our own entertainment is acceptable.

  • Zoos are an unnatural environment

    Zoos don’t support the natural development of animals and they don’t behave like living in the wildness because they get everything in the zoos so they don’t have to hunt for food and fight for their survival or be afraid of predators so they just live in the zoos where they get everything they need so they forget how to live and behave like they’re in the wilderness.

  • Zoos must be abolished

    Close zoos and send all the captive animals to a sanctuary or a national park where they deserve to be. Zoo sucks
    holding animals for profit sucks
    zoos are unethical way of interacting with innocent animals
    who need and derseve to live in the wild mot in a fucking zoo.

  • Animals should stay at the zoos

    I think zoos shouldn’t be abolished because there is a lot of tropic animals or any other animals that people won’t be able to see in nature because we won’t visit all the countries where the animals are from and at the zoo we can actually learn a lot about the animals that live in the zoo.

  • Zoos can have educational value

    I believe taking children to the Zoo can help them observe animals live, Since nowadays lots of young people in the cities do not have the opportunity to meet animals face-to-face. Kids can learn to admire animals and to become more sensitive towards them. It's definitely easier to observe animals in the Zoos than in the wilderness, And at the same time scientists can do research on animals to find out more about certain species and maybe try and prevent exctintion. On the other side, Staff in the Zoos usually offer lots of guided tours, Lectures, Any other information on noticeboards to educate people about animals and their behaviour and to raise awareness about exctinction and to cover other topics such as ecology, Adaptation, Conservation and classification of the animals. An animal-friendly Zoo can offer you animal encounters and make you appreciate them even more.

  • I don't really care

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  • Nonnononn non no

    Im writing this for a debate that i have and im forced to do the pro zoos side and i rly don't want to but ye i guess zoos keep animals away from harm and poachers and also allow people with disabilities to come visit them, Which actually acts as a form of therapy.

  • Nope not at all. . .

    We need the Zoo because children need to learn about our wild animals we have and how the animals act and the touch sound action the animal makes. We like to go and see the different type of animals there are and when they run out of their speacies. Thats why I say No

  • There are more to zoos than putting animals on display

    There are species of animals that have been extinct in the wild that were then able to be reintroduced due to zoo actions -- that they were able to provide by placing animals on display to the public. This would be unsustainable if left to a government entity or nonprivate sector.

  • I don't think so...

    Zoos can be a useful resource for scientists and students alike. While I do think zoos could be improved by giving the animals for space and exercise, they should by no means be abolished. Zoos serve as a helpful reminder to the public reminding them to protect animals by showing how beautiful they really are. Also, if zoos were abolished now, you would essentially kill all the animals in the zoo currently, as most of them would have no idea how to live in the wild. Another point I would like to address is if a species go's extinct or is critically endangered in the wild, those in captivity can be used to breed the species back to health.

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