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  • Zoos should be abolished because animals shouldn't be locked up in a cage where people stare at them all day.

    Do you think animals get bothered because they get looked and pointed at all day. No I am sure they don't like it it must be boring for them to see that. Animals are not some things you lock up and keep there forever. Animals should be free and out in the open.

  • Yes, They should.

    Do we as humans have to be so ignorant to see that it is not natural to lock humans in cages. Same for animals considering they cover more land in less time than humans can physically, A zoo will never accommodate an animals natural open space for hunting and roaming. Selfish and self serving for human satisfaction to dominate and call the shots just because we are crafty but not so intelligent.

  • Uhhhh...Yes zoo should be abolished.

    All we need are animal rehabilitation. Cure the animal then take it back to where it belong. Just as much as you don't want to be kept inside a cage or a cell, animals are the same. You can keep the already preexisting zoo now, but stop catching more wild animals for your own selfish personal gains. If you think human can keep animal from facing extinction by keeping them in cage, you are fearfully wrong. By domesticating these animals, human is basically the ones that are killing them. They lost their ways of hunting and foraging for their own food because they were taken away from their homes and environments. As high tech as were are today, I believe we humans can totally help animals from facing extinction from a distant. We can help them without having to throw them into cages and domesticating them into animals that wait for food to drop into their cell.

  • There are more to zoos than putting animals on display

    There are species of animals that have been extinct in the wild that were then able to be reintroduced due to zoo actions -- that they were able to provide by placing animals on display to the public. This would be unsustainable if left to a government entity or nonprivate sector.

  • I don't think so...

    Zoos can be a useful resource for scientists and students alike. While I do think zoos could be improved by giving the animals for space and exercise, they should by no means be abolished. Zoos serve as a helpful reminder to the public reminding them to protect animals by showing how beautiful they really are. Also, if zoos were abolished now, you would essentially kill all the animals in the zoo currently, as most of them would have no idea how to live in the wild. Another point I would like to address is if a species go's extinct or is critically endangered in the wild, those in captivity can be used to breed the species back to health.

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