• Of course, Zoos are great

    Yes, I know a lot of people are against zoos. But really zoos are good in more ways than not. They protect endangered species from well, Us. They give entertainment and learning to humans and children. It gives nurturing care for animals. It is a great thing to have unless they are abusing or taking care of them wrong and if so, Should be shut down. But most aren't. They are helping the animals soo much. If there was zoos, A lot of animals would be extinct by now.

  • Nope! I disagree

    Zoos should not be banned. Animals, In which are becoming extinct, Are being kept in Zoos so the animals do not become forgotten. Zookeepers take good care of the animals, So they treat the Zoo like their natural habitat if in which they were not being kept in the zoo. In conclusion, Zoos should not be banned.

  • Should zoos be banned?

    Zoos should not be banned. A zoo is a home to all animals. Zoos help hurt animals and the animals are well fed and cared about. Animals may not be able to survive in the wild and zoos are building them up to get ready to go to the wild.

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