Psalmist's Photo Album
Transition Media is the company which has presented these pics. These pics present a perception of society and its operation effecting its condition. The motive behind this controversy has been financial gain and enormous profit. It has generated support for the limiting of civil rights on a global scale. The media has fuelled this travesty with all its efforts. The new form of currency to be introduced through the propoganda of a falling dollar. Th Amero is a product of the Union of North America formed illegally by the governments of Canada, U.S.A., and Mexico. This agreement was not made public nor voted upon through the democratic system we are said to live under! Bill Gates
George W. Bush The illuminati symbol on the American Dollar bill. Hitler sitting with the Founder of IBM. IBM created a custom punch card system for use within the concentration camps to collect and produce information regarding the jews and the holocaust.
Turner and Kofi in agreement to depopulation The VeriChip. To be inserted into the right hand of people for the use of identification.

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