leet4A1's Photo Album
Just hanging out, being muscley and stuff. At work. Too long in the solarium. By your powers combined...
You know how it is. Just hanging out with my band gettin ready for a gig at madison square garden. Hailing from Alberta Canada, standing 6 foot 6, weighing in at 280 pounds, the Excellence of Execution, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.... Bret "the Hitman" Haaaaaaaaart. This is really me.
This is me on holidays at the Bermuda Triangle shortly before my plane mysteriously disappeared. The real da Vinci code... A day in the life... Halfred E. Neuman
Hangin' with my boy Bob Dylan. if I DID IT Mount Halmore. Lest we forget...
Letsa go! Scream at this, b1tch. You'll pay for this. About to reach Nirvana.
Proof that there WAS someone behind the grassy knoll with a gun.    

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