zircle_of_life's Photo Album
My date drove and insisted on taking pictures of everything - including sitting in the car. He liked the camera. Two of my friends who went with us. Aren't they cute together???
My friend's date is a little camera shy... I caught a picture of my date driving us to dinner - it was my revenge for taking pictures of me. We ate at a Mexican restaraunt called "Los Lupes." I told you he liked the camera.
We saw "Toy Story 3" I finally got him to be in a picture with me!!! Augh. *sigh*
Awww. I was tired after the movie. I was really tired after eating ice cream at the "future park." We got ice cream at Wal-Mart because all the ice cream places were closed. :(
It looked like there was a ghost drawn on the door!!! Awwww.    

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