B-ball_Grl78's Photo Album
This is my sister and her boyfriend. It was homecoming!! This is my new puppy. His name is Bubba!! Isn't he cute?!? :) This is my grandparents, my sister and me on Easter. It was lots of fun. I'm the one on the far right. Thats my sister. She is trying to be cool lol
Thats me on easter. lol Thats me when we went camping this summer. It was my first time camping ever. That is one of my BFF's. She 's only 13. I've known her and her brother since the day they were born. (they're twins) This is my sister's senior picture. Isn't she pretty?!?
This is my and my friends on halloween. It was so much fun. (Left to right) we were 70's barbie, sleepover barbie, sporty barbie, and i was fairy barbie. That dress i'm wearing is a three year olds dress i found at Target. Ha Ha This is us again... Are we adorable? lol And again!!! This is my cousin Jake. I don't have a picture of his twin Cody but i think you can guess what he looks like. Lol. BTW he doesn't wear his hair like that
This is my lovely mommy!!! Isn't she pretty!!!! I <3 her      

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