raindrpdew's Photo Album
Nick Jonas on the floor. It looks like he's pretty mad at you, I believe. Run while you can! Or not.. Kevin. Why are you staring at him so hard? Whatever, he likes it. Joe is mad at you again. So is Nick, but he looks more serious about it. "I'm gonna whisper in your ear Kevin" says Joe. "Joe get outta my ear!! Kindly get outta my ear Joe." says Kevin. "Do you see what I have to deal with all the time?" says Nick.
I'm sleepy...very very sleepy.. I never thought that I'd get hit, by this Lovebug again. Look! I'm lying on this couch! And I look cute. Era's of Jonas.
Mmmmm...kinda hungry. Either that or I'm just thinking. Woah! We rock out in concert. Love is on its way, so hold on another day, because you know that Love is on its way. (Starting from top left, going across.)

Red CD: It's about time, the first CD of the Jonas Brothers, Columbia records.
White (ish) CD: Self-titled album. Holds the hit, S.O.S.
Umbrellas: 3rd CD, Titled A Little Bit Longer.
Mature CD, also white: LVATT (Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.) Mature CD.
Not sure black CD: Looks like a single of the Jonas Brothers.
Definately Blue: The single, Burnin' Up.
Joe and Nick in all the glory with their sexy hotness, and the girl is a girl whos name I can't remember, but I know she's a good friend of the Jonas brothers, so I guess you would call her a family friend. Kevin got married, and theirs his wife, Danielle! What I want(ed) for Christmas. What I got was Jonas stuff. Joe Jonas's Underwear! Ahhh cute! And yes, that's his new haircut.
I'm not sure, but their still cute! Joe is like, I'm all cute, sittin' here in my white pants. Which he is. Laugh it up Joe! 'Cuz Kevin suspenders have Got Me Goin' Crazy and that one eyebrow in the air is suspicious. Nick is like, boy, I take a good photo. Don't we look sexy?
One on top of the other. (from bottom) Nick, Joe, and Kevin. Nick is in the cutest suit (that is blue). Joe is in the pink shirt, and cute tie..Kevin is in black and white. The revolutionized JoeHawk!! Why did you take his banana??
Joe- I have a sign in my hands. You know what it says? Do ya? Do ya? I see that girl that I want to marry someday..(me) Piano prodigy. (Nick Jonas.) Look. We're on top of a building in (Chicago?) maybe NYC.
Mandy always laughs when I act stupid, I am unaware that I'm a nuisence, but there is never, ways to turn. Baby bottle pop, Baby bottle pop! You can Lick it, Shake it, and dunk it! Kevin, Nick, come in here. Do you see what i see? (cocks head to the side.) Peter pan and Wendy turned out fine, so won't you fly with me?
Whatcha lookin at? Baby it's cold outside, so don't you want to come and live in my comfy coat? Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience!

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