Sashil's Photo Album
buttersssssssssssss :D

Oh stop browsing my uploaded pictures now, you crazy desperate perverted stalker :3 This is just shit our gradchildren Ummm, yea I'm a world class cuber
hehe my future self *grins* And yeah I dance, have I ever mentioned that? Ermmm, that would be my....nvm hehe thats definetely me, ;D
yup, unless you aren't a chick and you aren't hot, if thats the case then stay away :3 jk And now you know :3 hmmm self explanatory, same goes for awesome and all the other cool virtues ever known to man kind. gehehehe no fuck you, Imma gonna make you wait till eight seasons are over ;P
yeah I think I remember mentioning about my cubing skills This guy OHHH how he deserves a medal!! Damn you solomon *burns with envy* Woohoo turns me on everytime
Sigh and thats the problem of being famous....An ordinary normal afternoon in the porch of my house... dubstep again wooo!! Oh yeah!! Fvk OLD MUSIC Plagiarizing scumbag
Plagiarizing scumbag #2 Plagiarizing scumbag #3 This shall remain until deleted

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