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The backbone of the Separatist ground forces, Trade Federation battle droids are cheap and easy to produce, relying on sheer numbers to overwhelm their enemies. Lacking independent thought, and remorse, battle droids are the most commonly produced droid in the Separatist Army. Flaws in the Trade Federations B1 battle droid designs became apparent after the Battle of Naboo. But when the Techno Union allied itself with the Separatist cause, they began designs on the B2 super battle droid. Bigger, stronger and more heavily armored than its B1 cousin, super battle droids are physically capable of overpowering their opponents with ease. They are also highly modifiable, often seen with jump packs and rocket launchers built into their arms. A literal walking machine gun, droidekas, also known as destroyer droids, are a formidable opponent to even Jedi Masters. Capable of maneuvering their body into a sphere, droidekas literally roll towards their objectives, unfold themselves, and begin raining laser fire upon their enemies. Despite being the fastest of all droids on the battlefield, they also equip a shield generator, which envelops the droid in a transparent bubble, protecting it from all but the heaviest laser fire. When the Corporate Alliance joined the Separatist, they brought with them multiple new weapon designs. One of these was the aqua droid, the first ever waterproof droid. Abandoning the B1 and B2 design completely, the Corporate Alliance successfully equipped the aqua droid with propellers and weapons, while still keeping up to the standards of the now very diverse droid army. Though capable of fighting on land, they are prone to mobility problems, as they were designed for swimming, not walking.
Developed by the Commerce Guild in secret, the commando droid is an heavily upgraded B1 battle droid. Programmed with an emphasis on accuracy and efficacy rather than overwhelming numbers, commando droids are often deployed behind enemy lines, causing wide spread destruction to enemy forces. They are also equipped with vocal mimicking processors, which allow them to sound and speak like humans, rather than droids. In close combat they often use small swords, making close combat dangerous. The T-series tactical droid was designed to memorize and exploit enemy strategies both in space and on land. Often seen in the thick of combat, tactical droids direct troops through built in radio channels with deadly efficiency. Like all droids though, it lacks creative thought, and can be outsmarted by unorthodox human tactics. But if an opponent uses the same strategy twice, this droid will catch it and exploit it. The second generation in the tactical droid class, the T2 or super tactical droid leaves it's T1 cousin in the dust. The first military droid ever to enable thought, the T2 can anticipate enemy movements and prepare defenses against them. These highly intelligent droids are sometimes given command of entire armies and fleets, and coordinate attacks so well that the T2's margin of error is just 4%. The Magnaguards are the personal protectors of General Greivous. Designed and trained by the General himself, these elite bodyguards specialize in countering and killing all but the most fortunate Jedi. Armed with deadly electro staffs that are capible of blocking even lightsabers, and highly adaptive droid brains, Magnaguards are never far from the General, who usually prefers two at his side at all times. Even if an attacker is able to dispatch his escorts, the General himself is no easy foe.
The dwarf spider droid is the smaller counterpart to the homing spider droid. Armed with a light laser cannon, this droid literally snipes enemy infantry, using its bulbous photoreceptor "eyes" to spot targets from great distances. It's slow and lacks a rotating head though, allowing enemy infantry to get in around it with little trouble. Like the crab droid, it requires escort in order for its true potential to be fulfilled. But under cover, this droid is very dangerous at any range. The homing spider droid is one of the few walker class droids found in the Separatist Army. It's thickly armored spherical body grants it great armor protection and it's long armored legs allow it to fire both it's devastating beam weapon and it's medium laser cannon over the heads of smaller droids. It's intregated droid brain allows it to zero in its beam on weaker parts of vehicles, crippling or disabling all but the heaviest tanks with only a few shots. When the Intergalatic Banking Clan allied themselves with the Separatist cause they brought with them designs for the hailfire droid. The hailfire droid sacrifices armor for speed, allowing it quick mobility across the battlefield. Armed with 30 surface to surface/surface to air hailfire missiles, this droid excels at killing tanks and slow moving aircraft. But it's missiles are few, and the hailfire droid must resort to its medium laser cannon when it's missles are gone, making it easy prey. The Commerce Guild crab droid is designed to be an infantry killer. Armed with twin light laser cannons, as well as six legs for quick movement, the crab droid can easily overwhelm enemies face to face, using it's thickly armored legs to protect its relatively lightly armored body. The crab droid is unable to fire from its sides or behind however, which makes it vulnerable to infantry and vehicle assaults. Under protective escorts though, the crab droid easily overwhelms whole infantry platoons.
The Single Trooper Arerial Platform (STAP for short) is the Separatist primary recon vehicle. Armed with twin blasters, it can also serve as first responder. It has a short operational range however, ensuring that any disterbances from the enemy can be dealt with in a timely manner. The tri-droid is a terrifying new droid walker build by the Techno Union. Easily the tallest combat vehicle in the droid army, the tri-droid lumbers across the battlefield on three titanic steel legs. Adding to its bizarre appearence are three different sets of photoreceptor "eyes", allowing the droids massive turret bristling head to fire in three directions at once. It also stores anti vehicle rockets along with heavy lasers, making it's sheer size, armor and firepower a serious threat. The Trade Federation AAT (armored assault tank) is one of the only tanks lacking a droid brain. Manned by a crew of four, AATs are heavily armed, armored and modifiable. Traditional AATs carry 1 heavy laser turret, along with 2 medium laser cannons for anti personnel work. AATs also store high explosive "bunker buster", armor piercing and high energy shells, making them effective against all ground targets. Modified AAT Defoliator tanks replace the main gun with a heavy artillery cannon. The Corporate Alliance tank droid is an unusual droid, even for the Separatist. Armed with dual heavy laser cannons and two smaller light laser cannons, the tank droid thunders across the battlefield on its three treads with surprising speed. Few enemy tanks can withstand the offensive firepower of the tank droid, but the droid's armor is relatively light for a tank, which is why it needs to be deployed in large numbers to be effictive. Like most other droids it also has a built in brain.
Realizing the need for battlefield transports, the Trade Federation began producing the thickly armored MTT (multi troop transport). These machines are capable of storing 112 battle droids in their internal bays, and depositing the droids directly to the front lines. Their only defense is the two twin medium laser cannons, so it is crucial that the MTT is escorted at all times. Multiple MTTs can easily deploy enough battle droids to simply overwhelm any opposition with little effort.      

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