General_Grievous' Photo Album
Providence Cruiser/Carrier

Manufacturer: Free Dac Volunteers, Pammant Docks
Dimensions: length-1,088 m (3,570 ft); width-198 m (650 ft); height-347 m (1,139 ft)
Max acceleration: 2,500G
Hyperdrive: class 1.5; 50,000 effective light year range
Crew: 600
Armament: 14 quad turbolaser batteries; 34 dual laser cannons; 2 ion cannons; 12 point defense ion cannons; 102 proton torpedo launchers
Invasion force: 1.5 million battle droids; 200 fighters; 150 bombers; 100 gunships 5,000 vehicles Commerce Guild Destroyer (Recusant class)

Manufacturer: Hoersh-Kessel Drive Inc., and Free Dac 

Volunteers Engineering Corps

Dimensions: length-1,187 m (3,893 ft); width-157 m (515 ft) height-163 m (535 ft)

Max acceleration: 2,800G

Hyperdrive: class 2.0; 30,000 light year effective range

Crew: 300; 40,000 reserve battle droids

Armament: 5 heavy turbolaser cannons; 6 heavy turbolaser turrets; 5 turbolaser cannons; 42 dual laser cannons; 60 point-defense guns Banking Clan Frigate (Munificent class)

Manufacturer: Hoersch-Kessel Drive Inc., and Gwori Revolutionary Industries

Dimensions: length-825 m (2,706 ft); width-426 m (1,397 ft); height-243 m (797 ft)

Max acceleration: 2,300G

Hyperdrive: class 1.0; 150,000 light year effective range

Crew: 200; 200,000 reserve battle droids in storage

Armament: 2 heavy turbo laser cannons; 2 long range ion cannons; 26 twin turbolaser cannons; 20 light turbolaser turrets; 38 point-defense guns Lucrehulk Battleship/Carrier

Design and manufacture: Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. (primary contractor)

Diameter: 3,170 m (10,400 ft)

Sublight engines: Rendili stardrive proton 2 (primary)/proton 12 (secondary)

Droid control signal max safe broadcast range: 16,500 km (10,300 mi)

Fighter, bomber and gunship max capacity: 1,500 fighters, 900 bombers and 500 gunships.

Troop capacity: 2 million

C-9979 landing ship max load: 50

Combat vehicle max load: 7,000

Armament: 42 quad

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