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This is the classic political compass test, which I find to be a truly accurate representation of my views. I am a left libertarian, meaning socially I want the government to get out of your life, but I also believe in common sense economic regulations so that the corporations and economy don't tackle you. Though, I must admit, I am a bit uninformed on my economics, so I am not 100% sure on my stance on the x-axis.
Source: According to this test, I am a "young outsider," which means I have a dislike for both parties and tend to be libertarian when it comes to social issues, liberal on environmental issues, and mixed economic views. 
Source: Source: Muh progress
IDK if this is the best but idk
Source: This is another political compass test that shows that I am very socially libertarian and moderate on economic issues. 
Source: This is an updated political compass.
Source: According to this test, I am a believe in "Mutualist Anarchism." I do not believe in this philosophy, and prefer a more libertarian "liberal" mindset. 
Source: An App called "Voter 1 Political Spectrum"
Another form of the political compass. I think this is relative to American politics, though. 


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