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The picture is surely not good as it was taken with my cell phone, but this is Rick Santorum. Notice my seat is somewhat right by the stairs of the stage and he had to pass those polls between the stage and the audience. I was the first to shake his hand! Lieutenant-Governor Rebecca Kleefisch was there to talk about stopping the recall movement. I got to shake her hand to and I met her earlier in the day! She is a nice woman! Then came the GOP senatorial candidates. The first was businessman Eric Hovde. I got to shake all the candidates' hands as they walked off the stage. My main support right now is to Former Governor Tommy Thompson! Out of all the candidates he was the best speaker of the night bringing in a combination of ethos, pathos, and logos! This man cut taxes 91 times and reformed welfare!
Mark Neumann was in the Federal House of Representatives in the 1990s representing Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District. He is also running for senator. Last candidate out of the 4 running to speak was Jeff Fitzgerald, he is a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.    

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