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In the 1930s during the Great Depression, there was high deflation. FDR went off the gold standard, leading to hyperinflation during World War 2. Eventually inflation went down in the late 1940s. During the 1980s, Reagan had to deal with high inflation, but his policies reduced it unlike FDR's. The value of the dollar has rapidly decline since the Great Depression. FDR's policies had a massive effect here. Overall the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the Great Depression was down, not up. This proves FDR's New Deal did not work. On the other hand, the Dow in the 1980s saw extreme growth. As we can see here, unemployment remained mostly over 20% during the New Deal. This is not good, this is bad. This signals a very weak recovery. FDR got rid of the gold standard and raised taxes. His two New Deals both hurt the country dramatically. Only World War 2 could pull unemployment below 20%.
Deflation during the Great Depression. Private investment and government investment during the Great Depression. Unemployment rates during the Great Depression in Canada and the United States.  

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