Viper-King's Photo Album
The Viper-King:

With 30 contestants and more to come, everyone is striving to win. Viper-King is a strong contest and and is very cautious investor. Viper-King is $25,035,987.37 in net worth which is 7th overall with two transactions. His overall gains have been $35,987.37 and his overall returns and his today's gains are 0.14%. His buying power is $30,610,033.49 while his cash remaining is $12,139,255.73! Now his investments in AAPL and INTC are wise and he'll be adding investments for sure. The Imabench: 

The worldwide troll is stocking up. Investing in AAPL, EBAY, and RGLD with 26 trades is a lot of stocks with this celebrity. Unfortunately being #8 won't cut it with $25,029,717.32 in net worth. His overall gains have been $29,717.32 while his overall returns and today's gains have been 0.12%. His buying power is $25,029,877.30 but his cash remaining is $159.98. Learn that this troll has financial problems with barely any money left, he's about to go over with debt. The Vmpire321:

The #1 player on Day Two is coming around with $25,086,577.26 net worth. He also has $86,577.26 in overall gains and 0.35% in overall returns and today's gains. He also has $30,394,705.96 in buying power and cash remaining as $5,308,128.70. His investments into AAPL and MSFT were smart. With a total of three trades, Vmpire321 has made himself the #1 priority in his opponents currently.  

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