Debating_Horse's Photo Album
The fat, Communist Chinese chipmunk in the picture otherwise known as Mao Zedong, was the bastard of the communist revolutionaries. With him being in power, the Chinese people underwent a bloody, violent reform. To this day, the Chinese still respect him by displaying his portrait in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. Soviet poster showing friendship among fellow Chinese communist. I am not sure what this one says. CCCP Soviet Space program. Showing a man in a spacesuit. (Cosmonaut).
My guess is that they are saying "Fight for communism! Join the Red Army!" No comment. Will update soon. North Korean propaganda poster. I did this one for a humorous purpose. Enjoy! :D
Another poster for the Soviet Space Program. "With Communism, you can get muscles! Or "The man is depicting the strength of communism. No comment. Another North Korean poster. Anyone can translate the Russian and Korean posters? Eh?
No comment. This is an Vietnamese Communist propaganda poster. This is for humor, without the caption. No comment.

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