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This legislation was for deciding the official religion/belief for Ometrius. And of course, Atheism was choosen. An "Special Series" issue. The options on what should be done following the terrorist attack. "Atheism", the official religion of Ometrius.
This was interesting. I suppose for a little realism that this legislation would NOT exist? Ometrius needs a plan for a growing population. "Barbie Schwarzenegger" gives an ridiculous solution to the problem.
The "Special Issue" Series. Now the leader needs to take proper action for finding others planning terrorist attacks. "Torture" was justified. Second part, with the third choice at the bottom.
Following a plane crash, some options. And you can see what was the result upon looking at the "policies" when visiting the front nation profile.
What shall be done?
The government begins to surveil the usage of internet users. Divers find treasure. One of the options. Upon divers finding treasure worth billions of rubles, there are choices given to the leader. It would be foolish to let the divers keep the money to themselves, as it would be beneficial for the government and country.
The debate of "euthanasia". A person suffering with pain as a cancer patient requests to be "euthanized". Her wish did not come true. Yes, aversion to "nipples". They are not appropriate for the society.
A reference to Julian Assange. The decisions. As a communist state would do, eliminate the website from public viewing of the citizens.  

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