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4/24/2013 Political Compass result. 5/16/13 results from the Poltical Spectrum Quiz ( This probably displays my tendencies the best. Politically, I'm economically right and socially libertarian. I do believe a society rooted in Judeo-Christian values would be ideal (as demonstrated by my cultural score), but I don't believe they should be enforced or promoted politically. I'm located somewhere in the center-right in regards to foreign policy, but not a neocon. 5/28/13 result from the Political Compass. It appears I have drifted pretty far downward and a little bit to the right since the last quiz. 5/30/13 On The Issues result. First time I have appeared entirely in the libertarian area of the spectrum; I had an uptick of 10 points on the 'personal' score section (which I would attribute to my reexamination of the Patriot Act in the wake of current government abuses), and an uptick of 1 point in the 'economic' section (I do not know what caused that).
6/6/2013 On The Issues result. Similar result to last time, with a 55% 'personal' score (the same as last time) and a 90% 'economic' score (a six-point uptick over the last poll). 7/5/2014 result. Moved much more libertarian and slightly left. 3/19/15 On the Issues result. It looks like I've gotten less libertarian (not the case), but this survey has really gone downhill. Some of the issues listed are in the wrong category or have the wrong political affiliation.
3/19/15 Political Compass result. Pretty much the same as last year but slightly to the left and more libertarian. Good poll, but results are a bit deceiving. The issues I disagree with Republicans on (supporting civil unions, opposing GMO labeling, and opposing term limits) are far less important than the ones I disagree with Libertarians on (namely, pretty much any foreign policy issue). Insofar as I am on the Rubio bandwagon, this is an accurate result. However, Walker is my second-favorite and Santorum and Huckabee aren't candidates I would vote for at this point.

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