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Here we see a chart showing murders committed with handguns in Chicago. Now when the handgun ban becomes effective murder rates drop considerably low for a few years. Then murders spike way up and stay up for the remainder of the chart. So as you can see banning handguns did not do much for Chicago's Gun Violence reaching 80 at its peak. Here we see a chart of Washington, D.C.'s chart of murder rates. As you can see it is at a pretty low rate before the handgun ban and trigger lock law is put in motion. Now when the handgun ban and trigger lock law is put into motion the murder rates goes down considerably for about 6-7 years then the murder rates spike extremely high. Then as the trigger lock law and handgun ban is put out of motion murder rates go way down. More proof of how handguns bans and trigger lock laws aren't effective Here is Texas's Murder rates per 100,000 people, as usual murder rates are high until the right to carry law is put in motion and murder rates go down to 6, their lowest since 1960 and perhaps further than that. More facts showing armed citizens stop violent crimes. So Remember next time you think of gun control, think more murder :)

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