RoyLatham's Photo Album
conventional temperature reconstruction (A) Mann's Hockey Stick reconstruction (B) of world climate Image of Mount Fuji, Japan, from my favorite webcam, c. NTT Docomo Yamanashi Branch.
This image was from August 12th, 2012. In winter there is snow on the foreground trees. Often enough, the view is obscured by clouds. Japan time is Califonia time minus eight hours plus a day. Bruce Lee Obama's projection of unemployment after passage of the Stimulus compared to what actually happened.
Recent 770,000 year history of earth's magnetic field.Creationism pretends to explain the last 10,000. Diagram of double fence on Saudi Iraq border Obama economic claims versus reality.
CO2 and temperature for the past 600 million years Reconstruction of past climate published in Nature in 2013. Solar activity measured by sunspots and climate climate trend since the 1800s
17 years without global warming CO2, sunspots, temperature Tight correlation of global warming with UFO citings Recent decades of solar activity
Actual temperatures versus anthropogenic global warming predictions
IPCC prediction vs. recent global temperature  

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