Ragnar's Photo Album
Journey Into The Disney Vault. Mickey approves of the status quo. Not Victoria's Secret models Models required...
Hawaiians keep distance from white girl Not as bad as last time, but still.
Weather above 40 degrees. DC admits Arrow is basically Batman.
One punch, and it's over. It's not like pies are evil... If not denied the freedom to strike... Hect think's he should win for cheating.
50 Shades of Grey, eat your heart out! So poor that they only have one NASCAR. We all agreed... McDonalds' still in business.
If the next generation males looked like him, I am unsure if it'd actually be bad... An illness preventable with genome editing. Sociology tells us that these two countries are more comparable in some social measures than others. Understanding these differences helps diplomacy.
When you only look at two variables, don't be surprised if you get this kind of result... The study is probably biased, but do we care? (Hungary) We all follow patterns from our society. (United States)
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