I-am-a-panda's Photo Album
Map of the town. Green indicates where something can be bought. Yellow indicates a place of residence. The only exception is the hotel, where you pay to stay. Grey indicates an unused building. The Box in the top right with the 3 building labelled 1, 2 and 3 is an Industrial yard. Standard House, ground floor. Yellow = Window Standard house, first floor. Yellow = Window Standard Apartment\Hotel Room. Yellow = Window. The Apartment block has 4 storeys, each with 4 rooms on each floor. The room pattern is the same in each storey, starting in the bottom left and going clockwise, the room will be 101, 102 in the top left, 103 in the top right and 104 in the bottom right. The first number depends on the floor level. The 100's are the ground floor, 200's the first floor, 300's the second floor and 400's the third floor.
Standard shop (Except food\drink spots). Yellow = Window. Only for combat situations. Circles are shop tellers. The only exception is the Bank, which has armed guards. Map for WcDonalds and the Irish Pub. Yellow = Window. only for combat situations. Circles behind the counter are shop tellers. Circles in front are bar stools.    

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