crackofdawn_Jr's Photo Album
The biggest fish I've ever caught. It's a 36in. carp and weighs around 12 pounds. This is a 29in. Northern Pike that I caught on vacation in Wisconsin. My biggest salt water fish (but not my biggest fish). It's a 32in. red fish. This was one of my first duck hunts where I had a gun.
This was taken by my hunting camera. He's only a spike but I'll shoot him if he's there on opening day. This is the Trae, the 3-point, again. This one has a two-point on one antler and a spike on the end so he's legal but not necesarily that good of a buck. This is Octavio. He's an 8-point and the buck I want to be shooting this year.
Octavio again. Political compass of 10/28/09.    

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