#1 Who did it better: Steve Conte or Crush 40?

Posted by: Loveshismom

This poll is part of a series called "who did it better" where I name two bands and ask who did the better mix of a song and then name the song. The song in question is "Seven Rings in Hand."

  • Steve Conte

  • Crush 40

0% No votes
100% 3 votes
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  • I've always loved Crush 40's songs they made for the sonic franchise. But out of fairness I went and listened to them both. Crush 40's was allot better! I need to play this game now. I've tried avoiding the games from that time period as Sonic (2006) and Unleashed had terrible reviews. I also tried that Knight themed one and didn't enjoy it. I'll have to make an exception for this one just because of the soundtrack.

    Posted by: Owlz
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Owlz says2014-05-09T09:44:20.4469848-05:00
This is a little sad. Seems I'm the only one who voted.
Loveshismom says2014-05-11T21:21:06.8758227-05:00
How come nobody else will vote on this?

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