(For religious people) Do you believe an atheist can be ethical?

Posted by: ladiesman

  • Yes

  • No

84% 16 votes
16% 3 votes
  • I find that ethics and religion do not always coincide. The most religious person on the world can have the worst ethics, and the least religious person can have the best.

  • First you must very carefully define religious. Do you think a highly religious jihadist muslim is an ethical person. I know many many non religious persons that have never and will never treat any human being or animal with disrespect or unethically. So I vote YES

  • This is a stupid question, no offense. There isn't a single religious person out there that believes that atheists are incapable of being ethical. Whether or not they have a reason to be ethical, however, is disputed.

  • Ridiculous question.

  • All the moral ethics of the world are set according to Noah's 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japhath. Ham had his son Canaan cursed by God because Ham saw Noah's nakedness. Ham's grandson Nimrod started the rebellion against God from the Tower of Babel and Babylon. Nimrod and his wife Semiramis spawned the false religions of this world that came down generation after generation. China is an unbelieving nation today because of Ham. The Bible is an amazing book and few read and study it. It is an unlearned man that does not know the God of the Holy Bible and God's word which is the Holy Bible. In it is written the beginning and the ending of human existence as we know it.

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