"I'm already tracer" or "hit or miss". Which is better TikTok?

Posted by: TikTok

Trying to promote TikTok, What video should I use? Look them up on the TikTok app to get the video. I was only able to get a image.

  • Hit or Miss

  • I'm already tracer

61% 20 votes
39% 13 votes
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shamuuuuuuuuu29 says2018-11-27T23:45:53.0472741Z
Hit or Miss is truly a revolutionary video/song, The real song is by iLOVEFRiDAY and is called Mia Khalifa, Named after the Lebanese Porn star who iLOVEFRiDAY made a diss track for due to a fake tweet. The "Hit or Miss" video has been viewed much more than the petty I'm already tracer video which is completely nonsensical at its core. It simply can't be possible for the women to already be all of those Overwatch heroes simultaneously, And Bastion is currently at a state where nerfing him would make him useless. On top of that, The gentleman on the left seems to have his controller and headset misplaced. Oddly enough the gentleman on the left has two Xbox One S controllers which means he can not play with the woman on the left who has a Playstation controller due to Sony not allowing crossplay, However this is irrelevant since the controller is not in fact even in his hands. To refer back to the main argument, Hit Or Miss is simply a musical thriller that breaks normal popular song fashion, It is written in a C# or Db major key which only 6% of the most popular songs on Spotify are written in, Whereas "I'm already Tracer" is written in a D major key which 8. 7% of the most popular songs on Spotify are written in clearly showing it is nothing more than a meaningless pop song. Clearly I think the answer is clear that Hit or Miss is not just better than I'm Already Tracer, But that it is one of the greatest songs to have ever been written. To step aside from the musical aspect, You will also see 100% dominance from Hit or Miss which features expressive emotions, Dancing, And practically make you feel like you are in the room with Nyannyancosplay. When you look at the video for I'm already Tracer, I think it's clear to say that the gentleman gives absolutely no effort to show emotion, And while the woman at least attempts to show emotion the most we see is a compilation of low effort faces which are truly degrading to her, And to the viewer as a matter of fact. I simply don't understand how one could bring themselves to say I'm already tracer is better in any way.
robloxqueen43 says2018-12-05T18:45:40.4239764Z
A meme has sprung from an Overwatch-themed song by The Living Tombstone. In the song, The male and female voices of Blackgryph0n and LittleJayneyCakes argue over who can play which characters. Blackgryphon sings “I wanna be tracer” to which LittleJayneyCakes responds “I’m already Tracer. ” These lines joke about Overwatch players choosing to play their favorite characters rather than the ones that would best support their team. This song became a popular choice for Tik Tok users to lip sync to. Videos surfaced with female subjects singing along to the song while using video game controllers as props. Some of the props used were not actually compatible with Overwatch, Prompting some male internet users to make jokes about these “gamer girls‘” apparent lack of knowledge about Overwatch. Along with memes about the song being cringey, These remixes and trolling videos went viral.
Amberkittey says2019-01-14T00:39:42.8665152Z

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