• Donald Trump

  • Hillary Clinton

66% 21 votes
34% 11 votes
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton re the most corrupt career criminals in world history, being the only ones to sell their nation out to china for cash, then have the audacity to run for president of that nation, it is outrageous beyond belief, that woman is pure evil and no sane individual should ever even think of voting for her. I would rather have Trump, I would rather have a sea urchin or a heroin crazed baboon run this nation than her!

  • *pulls up link to WikiLeaks DNC Email Scandal*

  • This country is build on building bigger and becomming better. This is a capitalistic country, we need a captialistic man. Hillary Clinton would be better in Canada by all means. We don't need secularism in the last bation of hope for mankind. We need to grow, use more resources so that everyone can benefit from it. Hillary Clinton wants to move wealth from the hard working people to the people who dont share the American values of becomming better than ones selves. This isn't the country for socialists. Thats all.

  • Trump is obviously best.

  • Make America Great Again!

  • Donald Trump has economic sense and is smart. Also he isn't a demon like Hillary.

  • Of two choices that are not great, Trump is the better one.

    Posted by: Bjs123
  • Trump2016! Left-Wing Foreign policies a la Fair Trade/Protectionism, Non-Intervention. Bringing the dangerously Socially Conservative Republican Party to a more Moderate stance on Domestic and Social issues. Will keep Social Security and look after the Veteran's. Will repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace with a common sense Public Healthcare alternative. Loves our country and respects our troops. The only negative is his harshness on Immigration Policy. Hillary is a fraud and is just a Corporate bought and sold politician who only seeks the interests of a small group of corporate donors. On top of that she's shown unforgiveable amounts of pure incompetence and supports dangerously Neoconservative foreign policy resulting in the destabilization of the Middle East resulting in the deaths of thousands, including American soldiers. Those who hate Trump don't discuss his policies only irrelevant things he says.

  • Trump only points out the issues, he has no solutions.

  • I will be voting, volunteering, and donating money to get Hillary Clinton elected President!

  • I would rather vote for Jill Stein, but Hillary is much better than Trump.

  • I can't vote, but if I could, Clinton would be my choice. Better than the alternative, at least in my mind (my country is far more democratic than republican though, so I might be biased.)

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ladiesman says2016-07-31T01:21:28.3230230Z
It's unbelievable beyond belief that Trump got this far, what with his racist rhetoric and vanity. Someone unqualified as him getting the nomination just goes to show how resentful the general populace is feeling about our political system.
BrendanD19 says2016-07-31T01:53:11.3113720Z
Jill Stein
SNP1 says2016-07-31T02:26:58.3002150Z
Jill Stein
dietorangesoda says2016-07-31T04:23:59.8685819Z
I won't be voting as i hate both of the candidates
godemperortrump says2016-07-31T11:07:37.0630455Z
Trump FTW. Shillary will be completely BTFO
Heterodox says2016-07-31T13:51:31.6860916Z
I don't vote, it's an illusion of choice. However, if you asked me which one I dislike the most I would answer, "Hillary", but I dislike Trump too.
benhos says2016-08-01T02:31:42.2211200Z
Jill Stein.
benhos says2016-08-01T02:32:42.3439054Z
Choosing between $hillary and Trump is like choosing whether I want to get shot in the leg twice or once. I'd rather not get shot at all.
Blysobey says2016-08-01T18:36:13.6490705Z
Hillary Clinton is COMPLETELY EVIL!!! Voting for her would be a HUGE MISTAKE!! She to maximize abortions and stop people from protesting in front of planned parenthood!!! How would ANYBODY in their right mind vote for her!!! Everyday I pray that Donald Trump will win!!
Wolfram says2016-08-02T12:09:06.4666345Z
Voting Jill Stein won't accomplish anything.
harrytruman says2016-08-20T14:46:35.8902421Z
@wolfram Yes she will; destroy our nation even further.
face1995 says2017-07-06T19:25:10.4941299Z
I'm unable to vote, but I didn't want either for president. I wanted either Jill Stein or Riva for president!

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