27 Total Votes

Donald Trump (republican)

16 votes

Bernie sand (berniecrats)

Needs to be a real party
8 votes
1 comment

Katy perry (Bull moos party)

Bring the party back
1 vote

Elizbeth warren (democrat)

1 vote

Gary Johnson (libertarian)

1 vote
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arjunrastogi2014 says2017-10-18T13:06:34.0094253Z
Where is barack obama?????
xus00HAY says2017-10-18T17:22:44.4962493Z
Nobody will win, why? Because if you win a presidential election in a year that ends in zero you can expect to die in office, so if you win you lose. I can't tell you why, but nobody has actually won an election in a zero year and lived to their retirement without getting shot. I have explained this in another post. Trump and granny Clinton were 80 in 2016, so I don't believe they will be keen on a second term. The way things have been going, you can bet on the next president being someone who was sentenced to life in prison.
xus00HAY says2017-10-18T17:29:35.0284809Z
Oh wait, the question says witch candidate, not which candidate. Well if the Russian computer hackers can determine the outcome of an election, then I don't see why a Wiccan priestess who casts a spell on American can't.
shortd567 says2017-10-19T20:06:25.9227511Z
They are all whitchs
shortd567 says2017-10-19T20:06:37.3964307Z
They are all whitchs
shortd567 says2017-10-19T20:07:58.2361489Z
No obama because he already served two terms
shortd567 says2017-10-19T20:08:09.7958230Z
No obama because he already served two terms

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