2Pac vs. Biggie?

Posted by: Black-Jesus

This poll has probably already been done but.... The 90s gave rise to hip hop and gangsta rap, and therefore many great hip hop and rap artists. But there were two dominating brands of this genre: East and West Coast. The focal artists of these two brands were the well known "Notorious B.I.G" , "Biggie" or "Biggie Smalls" of the East coast and Tupac "2Pac" Shakur of the West coast. So who do you prefer?

  • Tupac Shakur a.K.A "2pac"

  • Christopher Wallace a.K.A "The Notorious B.I.G"

58% 11 votes
42% 8 votes
  • I am a die hard Tupac fan for life. Biggie was really talented as well and I like some of his music, but no comparison to the King of Rap. I looove Tupac!

    Posted by: Najs
  • Not only was Tupac a good singer, he was also a brilliant person. He set out to help many people, and didn't do it for attention. His lyrics were so poetic it was amazing. And that is exactly what true Hip-Hop is: poetry.

  • I like Biggie's work more than Tupac. Don't get me wrong, Tupac was very talented and intelligent, but personally I prefer Biggie.

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